Yes, this week we’re going to answer the question “is curry a soup or a sauce?” as well as a few others. In this article we will begin the  definitive list of Curry FAQs, according to the internet, starting with the seven most popular queries. After that, stick around until the end, for a deeper insight into the Baji’s menu!


  • What defines curry?
  • How is a dish a curry?
  • What are the different types of curry?
  • Is curry a sauce or a soup?
  • Is a curry healthy?
  • What is the most popular curry dish?
  • Which curry is hottest?

Well, you know what’s coming – so here it is!

One: What defines curry?

Hmm tricky. However, luckily we have here a snippet from an excellent academic paper, entitled, “To Make a Curry the India Way”: Tracking the Meaning of Curry Across Eighteenth-Century Communities

Here’s a quote

“The concept of a curry was developed by the British East India Company while stationed in India. Members of the EIC would describe any saucy Indian dish as a “curry,” and when these men returned to England, they brought back their desire for Indian food. The movement of curry helped to shape its definition as a colonial product of India incorporated into English cuisine.”

– Stephanie R. Maroney University of California , Davis, California, USA

Two: How is a dish a curry?

Okay, this question is way more straight forward. Think of the things all curries have in common. The question isn’t whether it’s halal, or whether it’s made in India or, if it’s ready for collection in Luton, for instance. It’s not if it’s vegetarian or if it’s full of meat. It doesn’t have to be hot; it can be mild… but what MUST be included, above all, to make a curry, are SPICES. Be it for heat or similarly, for flavour, a dish that is spiced is a curry.

Three: What are the different types of curry?

From vegetables to meat to tofu, there are as many ways to prepare your ingredients as there are spices under the sun. Here we’ve got a few variations, some you may know, others you may not. كيفية لعب القمار To clarify, what defines the kind of curry you are enjoying, is either in the spices or consequently, in the preparation.

Here’s a quick list of the various spices you may come across ordering a curry:

  • Madras
  • Korma
  • Rogan Josh
  • Vindaloo
  • Tikka
  • Masala

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Vegetable Crocodiles with Masala spices

Baji’s Kitchen Vegetable Crocodiles, made with Masala spices

  • Jalfrezi
  • Biryani
  • Saag

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Sarsu Ka Saag

Baji’s Kitchen Sarsoon Ka Saag

Here are the lesser-known kinds of curry that you’d only find somewhere like Baji’s Kitchen

  • Karahi

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Lamb Karahi

Baji’s Kitchen Lamb Karahi

  • Paaye

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Lamb Paaye

Baji’s Kitchen Lamb Paaye

  • Karee

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Lassi Karee

Baji’s Kitchen Lasi Karee

  • Adrak
  • Manchurian
  • Daal

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Mothi Daal Chawal

Baji’s Kitchen Mothi Daal

  • Bindi
  • Tarka

Tempering: when the spices are briefly roasted in a ghee (clarified butter) or oil before being added to the mixture. This process releases the flavours from the spices, be they seeds or whole nuts, and gives the ingredients extra heat and body.

Four: Is curry a soup or a sauce?

Yes. Just yes, internet. In what way is a smoothie not just a cold fruit soup? A curry is technically a stew, but beyond a certain point, food becomes an art form, and therefore its definitions are broadly subjective opinion.

“The simplest solution is almost always the best.”

That is Occam’s Razor. Now go and eat your soupy sauce in peace. Moreover, it’s probably down to its thickness, or viscosity, anyway.

Five: Is a curry healthy?

Absolutely, but you know what they say: everything in moderation, including moderation. Firstly, curry may increase your digestive health, boost your general brain power, and of course, improve feelings of fullness. Secondly, it may lower blood sugar levels, and provide antibacterial effects. However, according to HEALTHLINE dot Com, more research in humans is needed to confirm this. For example, if you have a stomach bug, a spicy meal may kill harmful bacteria, but on the other hand, if you overdo it, you might also kill off the benign gut flora that keeps a stomach healthy. So yeah, in other words, moderation is always wise. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Six: What is the most popular curry dish?

A decade ago, the BBC reported that Jalfrezi overtook Tikka Masala in terms of popularity. But that was in 2011, so as a result, until another study is undertaken, we may never know the truth. At the time of writing, one of the most popular dishes from Baji’s Kitchen is the Lamb Paaye – so if you’re in Luton, near Surrey Street, you might as well checkout what the fuss is about.

Seven: Which curry is hottest?

Vindaloo and Jalfrezi can certainly both be made to be exceptionally spicy, only for the brave. However, any curry can be any heat (a Korma however is always traditionally made to be mild). So to summarize, it depends on the cook, and the tastes of the taster. Baji’s Kitchen are known for preparing dishes spiced to an individual’s preferences. Oh yes, bespoke curries. The proper way to do it.

Hopefully, that’s satisfied your curiosity… but now allow us to satisfy your tastebuds. In the second half, we walk you through our weekend breakfast menu… in…


It’s morning?! On the weekend?! When did this happen? Since when has it been morning?! You’ve slept in and you’ve left the house without something important… oh no what was it? BREAKFAST!

You don’t have time to turn back, you’ve got nothing in, and you’ve got your phone out anyway. Alright, so what are the best halal restaurants in Luton? A restaurant? For breakfast? You need something, an Indian takeaway, something that will likewise sort you out on the move…

Baji’s – right there on their site – you can order it directly. You need to fight The Hunger, and quick.

The Hunger is catching up as you look at The Breakfast Menu

Maybe you can’t do meat. Maybe you need vegetarian options for breakfast. 888 The best Indian takeaway in Luton caters for everyone so, you read on.


Chickpea stew made with traditional spices. You know you need the protein and the spice to kick start your day but more is catching your eye…

Ande Ki Bujia

Eggs scrambled in spices (masala) and herbs… a simple substantial alternative… but maybe you need something else…

Pizza Omelette

A twist on a classic: you can’t go wrong. Egg omelette made with pizza toppings like cheese, onions and tomatoes. A vegetarian breakfast never sounded so good… oh hello what’s this?

Stuffed Paratha

A buttered flat coarse bread with spiced stuffing, and you can either have it plain, or with aloo (potato), mooli (delicious winter radish), gobi (cauliflower), or with keema (finely chopped minced meat).

You need that full feeling so badly, you’d eat anything on their menu… especially when it all sounds so good… luckily if it’s to your requirement, yes Baji’s Kitchen is a Halal Indian restaurant in Luton.


Oh now we’re talking: slow cooked Lamb trotters in stew… falling apart at thought of it, you read on…

Baji's Kitchen Luton the different types of curry: Full Desi Breakfast

Baji’s breakfast for One

Already you’re feeling The Hunger grow… so hungry you can barely think… but you can think about Puri: deep-fried thin flatbread made from unleavened flour… oh man, and you get TWO of those?

Meanwhile The Hunger looms over you as you imagine the smell of frying flatbread, so thin and succulent it’d melt in your mouth. The Hunger is dragging at your feet now, and snatching at your gut with long sharp claws, deep into your mind. You need sugar. Energy. Woah what’s this?


Semolina cooked in sugar, ghee (remember, that clarified butter from earlier) and milk. Yes, that’ll stop The Hunger in its tracks. Thinking about it is awakening the energy to order now, and RUN to Baji’s Kitchen.

But the more you move your feet, the close The Hunger gets, it’s catching up to you! You check your order again…

Baji’s Breakfast for One

It comes with Chana: a deliciously seasoned chickpea stew. Protein. Yes! That should do it. You place your order with Baji’s Kitchen, and before you’re done eating, The Hunger doesn’t know what hit it.

You tap CLICK AND COLLECT, and your real journey begins!

Thank you very much for reading and supporting our business.

Baji’s Kitchen Full Desi Breakfast

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Why not check out these references:

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